Sorry to Announce that PopURL is dead

I’ve realized that to generate real traffic, I must write original articles by myself.

Don’t worry…I’ll stick around for, at NEGATIVE GAMERS, my new blog.

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Windows 7 Features, Screenshots, Demo

The Worst Goal Keeper

Albert Einstein’s True Religious Beliefs Revealed

Albert Einstein

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” So said Albert Einstein, and his famous aphorism has been the source of endless debate between believers and non-believers wanting to claim the greatest scientist of the 20th century as their own.

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Welcome to my box [pic]


Current’s Christof Putzel investigates a growing movement in Russia where neo-Nazi groups are brutally attacking immigrants and spreading their hate by posting violent videos online.

The 6 Most Frequently Quoted Bullsh*t Statistics

Every once in awhile, you’ll hear a statistic so striking you can hardly believe it’s true. Our first impulse is to repeat it, because knowing interesting things tends to make people like us better.

Unfortunately, some people are so desperate for interesting facts to quote, that they’ll just pull them right out of their ass. Then those facts get repeated, by–you guessed it–people like us.

The six most quoted “too awesome to be true” stats that, in fact, are …

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Prostitutes on Google Street

Hell Is Comming To Earth

Are You Sure That Is a Frequently Asked Question?

Judge Him by His Laws

People who complain that Barack Obama lacks experience must be unaware of his legislative achievements. One reason these accomplishments are unfamiliar is that the media have not devoted enough attention to Obama’s bills and the effort required to pass them, ignoring impressive, hard evidence of his character and ability.

Since most of Obama’s legislation was enacted in Illinois, most of the evidence is found there — and it has been largely ignored by the media in a kind of Washington snobbery that assumes state legislatures are not to be taken seriously. (Another factor is reporters’ fascination with the horse race at the expense of substance that they assume is boring, a fascination that despite being ridiculed for years continues to dominate political journalism.)

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Super-Fast Broadband Via the Sewer System

sewer.jpgBournemouth, UK, is often mocked by many of the British for the average age of its citizens. In short, a seaside resort where many go to die. Jack Dee once quipped that the shop windows are all fitted with bi-focals to allow passers-by to ascertain what lies within.

But the citizens, it seems, are having the last laugh as it has been reported this week that the town is to be the first in the UK to make use of the sewer system in a whole new way.

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Screw SNL’s Hillary impersonation. Check out this lady!

Hilarious! McLovin’s (Superbad) Anti-Piracy Message

Funniest Ebay Comment [pic]