Star Wars: The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers (PICS)

Started with one. Now there’s seven, with an eighth on assignment with my boyfriend in England (he was always posing mine and I could tell he needed one of his own, though he was reluctant to admit it at first – heehee!). It’s waihey‘s fault. She started it. Then I in turn infected ShellyS, and a few others.

These little guys are just way too fun and deserved a set of their own. They’ve got so much personality and I think everyone who loves toys, Star Wars fan or not, NEEDS one of their own.


Plastic 52 - 14/52 - A New Hump
Imperial Sprinkles
Snowball Fight I
Snowball Fight II
Caramels for Vader
Pressies for the Boss
Dude, these are SOOO not the 'droids we're looking for.
Holiday on the Who Shelf - 1937
The New Recruits
Plastic 52 - 18/52 - Breakin' 52-Electric Boogaloo
Dinner Is Served!
McQuarrie Snowtrooper
Meet TK-327!
It's Fun To Stay At The...
Be Mine
Happy Birthday, Mr. Grimm!
Gone Fishin'
Stormtroopers on Ice
Plastic 52 - 23/52 - Ice Monkey
And then there were SIX...
TK & the Bear
Coveting Snuggles
Pinin' for TK-119
The Love Letter
Stormtroopers on the Moon
Tiny Plastic Talent Show - 1 - Tappin' TK-704
Share and Share Alike
Stormteddy Want a Donut?
Dunkin' Donut
Stormies Love Sprinkles
Imperial Donut Thieves
TK Want a Teddy?
Aren't You a Little Short to Be a Quarren Bounty Hunter?
Star Wars Blog!!



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