Rockstar sells 6 million units of GTA IV in 5 days


VG, the most comprehensive videogaming charts in the world, has announced that Rockstar sold roughly 6 million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV during the first 5 days after the game’s release. 4 million gamers purchased the game day one.
The game generated an estimated revenue of $390 million, exceeding Halo 3´s $280 million launch week. Worldwide sales split 4:3 in favour of the Xbox 360 while the Playstation 3 version saw a higher attach rate.

Image: GTA IV first week sales (numbers in millions)

America saw sales of more than 3.7 million units during the first week of the game’s release. Europe experienced strong sales, as well – roughly 2.2 million Europeans purchased the game during the same timeframe. (1.25 million on Playstation 3; 0.95 million on Xbox 360)

Grand Theft Auto IV also had a big affect on hardware sales: Playstation 3 sales nearly doubled compared to the week before, while Xbox 360 sales jumped roughly 70%.

Grand Theft Auto IV is considered the most expensive game of all time, with estimated development costs of $100 million. The game is likely to hit the 10 million units sales mark during the next months.

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Update: Rockstar today confirmed that 6 million copies were sold in the first 5 days but posted a total revenue figure of $500 million rather than our $390. In hindsight, the game sells for closer to $100 in Europe (when taking the exchange rate into account) and $60 in America with the collectors edition being around half again so our initial per game cost of $65 was pessimistic and total revenue will be more like the $500 million Rockstar reported.


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