Raptor – Improved menu system for KDE 4

Raptor aims to deliver a new kind of launch menu system for KDE. It is designed with usability and beauty in mind.
Raptor-Menu does not try to be the final answer to the menu question, instead aspires to be the best answer we can give, merging many ideas form modern desktop launch menus.

Raptor menu is a team composed of Developers, Artists, Designers, Documentation people and testers, all working together to bring Raptor-menu to your KDE 4 Desktop. Check the download page to get information on how to try Raptor.

Main Menu

While we want to provide a menu that makes launching the applications faster and easier, we also want to provide a menu that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Raptor will contain the following elements to make the use easier:

  • A usage database
  • One panel only
  • A new structure based on user actions (TOM, task oriented menu)
  • Easily accessible favorites
  • A better usage of the application description
  • Configurability to make it suit your needs

To get a more detailed view about where RAPTOR_MENU is heading, one can read more about our vision in the Documentation Area.

If you want to participate implementing and improving this vision, join us at #raptor irc freenode channel or contact nuno@oxygen-icons.org or siraj@raptor-menu.org


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