Principal Allegedly Outs Gay Students

A Memphis high school principal, fed up with public displays of affection in the hallways, allegedly displayed a list of couples — including some who are gay — in the school, publicly outing the boys and violating their privacy, according to one of the students involved.


Memphis Principal Daphne Beasley is being accused of posting a list naming the school’s teenage gay couples — without their O.K. — in an effort to combat public displays of affection.

(ABC News)

“I really feel that my personal privacy was invaded,” Nicholas, one of the young men who claims his sexuality was exposed without his approval by his principal, told ABC News’ Memphis affiliate Eyewitness News Everywhere. “I mean, Principal Beasley called my mother and outted me to my mother!”

“It was actually frightening,” Nicholas said of the incident, which occurred in Fall 2007, “to see a list with my name on it where not just other teachers could see but students as well.”

Nicholas, an 11th grader at Hollis F. Price Middle College High School in Memphis, was allegedly named, along with his suspected boyfriend, 10th grader Andrew, on a list of couples posted by their principal, Daphne Beasley.


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