Not news in America – American envoy assaulted in Israel

Source: Ha’aretz, dateline 02/05/2008:

It is interesting that we have all the news about Britney, Lindsay, and of course, the latest on what the publicity hound Rev. Wright has just said which can be replayed for hours and hours, analyzed, dissected and discussed endlessly by serious looking idiots errr… pundits.

So, lets see how the peace negotiations are going in Israel. We sent an envoy there don’t you know (I bet you don’t… sad, but realistic).

The American bodyguards of a Bush administration envoy who was dispatched to the region to monitor the implementation of the road map engaged in a violent confrontation with right-wing Israelis who sought to disturb a visit to Hebron on Friday, Israel Radio reported.

One of the rightists is reported to have driven his jeep into the convoy accompanying General William Fraser. Subsequently, one of the vehicles in the convoy heavily collided with the jeep, according to Israel Radio.

Re-read the last paragraph. A crazed settler drove a jeep into the American envoy’s convoy, violently colliding with a car.

Now, a standard procedure in a situation like that is to:
1) avoid the incoming car and
2) open fire on it, to disable it

Because a speeding car which is driving straight towards you, in the Middle East, almost certainly can mean a suicide bomber.

Now, imagine for a second what would happen if an American envoy was in Hamas controlled territory, and a crazed Arab guy drove a jeep into one of the diplomatic convoy’s cars.

The bodyguards would probably open fire immediately, killing the driver and making a shishka-bob out of the car, while the cars of the convoy themselves swerved and drove away at full speed – after all, who knows if there isn’t a bomb in that car?

But most importantly, whatever would happen during the incident, you can be sure that the US TV “news” would be informing about this incident 24/7, the pundits would discuss the incident endlessly, while calling Hamas a terrorist organization that has no control over the territory it polices.

But the incident happened in Israel, and involved a bunch of Israeli settlers, so – no TV reports. No outrage. Nothing happened at all, according to the TV news – focus on Rev. Wright, that’s what Americans need to see!

A fracas ensued between the guards and the rightists before the Americans decided to cut the visit short, Israel Radio reported.

A fracas? Does that mean that the settlers engaged the bodyguards in hand to hand combat or a shoving match? Why didn’t the bodyguards use their guns and/or tasers?

And where the hell was the Israeli police/Army anyway?

Keep in mind, the incident was serious enough so that the American envoy cut his mission to Israel and run back to the USA.

So what will happen now?
Well, the incident will NOT be reported on American TV “news”, instead we will get the smiling mug of Rev. Wright – again, for 20th night in a row.

Israel will get its $5+ billion “aid” money this year, as it gets it every single year.

And, while before, in the days of the Liberty Incident, Israel at least apologized to America when it did an outrage towards this country, these days don’t expect this. Israel will simply ignore this and pretend nothing happened – it’s not like our president or our Congress people will ask Israel about this incident, much less nicely ask Israel to explain things, or perhaps ask it to apologize for assaulting an American envoy…

No, the last one is pure science fiction – which American politician would even dare to utter under his breath something along the lines of “Perhaps we should ask Israel to explain the incident which just happened, when the American peace envoy was attacked by Israeli citizens. We need answers, and we need an official apology from Israel for this disgraceful behaviour!”.

Well, any politician who would say something like that would be labeled by the TV pundits an anti-semite, as clearly going overboard, overreacting and criticizing our greatest friend and ally in the world, and the AIPAC and the rest of the pro-Israel Lobby in the USA would mark him and give moneys to his opponent during his next election.

I wonder how the professional pro-Israel apologists will try to spin this one, as they bury the story in digital media.


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