Invitation to the Death: The Most Dangerous Roads of the World

Every year millions of people die because of accidents on the roads. Most of these accidents are due to drivers who are drunk or careless.

However, some of them are due to the roads. The roads mentioned in this article invites the people to death. Driving on these roads are extremely dangerous and risky but adventurous.

Yungas Road (Highway of death in Bolivia)

Yungas Road is one of the most dangerous roads of all world. It is placed in Bolivia, between La Paz and Coroico cities. Since this region is called as Yungas, naturally this road is named as Yungas Road.

This road is used by heavy trucks, buses and lorries. Naturally, if you go to there,you can see the wreckages of many lorries and buses. In last years, it is also preferred by cyclists and motorcyclists. ”Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking” is one of the extreme sports made by on this road. Every month, more than 200 people die on Yungas Road. Annual death toll is more than 3000.

Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)

Guoliang Road is one of the most well-known killer roads .It was built by the villagers living in Guoliang region. Total length of the road is almost 1200 meters. It is located in Taihang mountains in China. To finish complete road took 5 years of villagers. On the road, there are tunnels with 5 meters height and 4 meters width. This road is known as death machine.

Pasubio Road (Italy)

Pasubio Road was constructed in Vicenza, Northern Italy. Once upon a time, it was really a dead machine. Currently, it is only used for motorcycling activities.On the road, there are hairpin turns and tunnels. The existence of the roads twisting into tunnels and hairpin turns makes this road interesting.


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