One Million Calls To Obama

Yesterday, in preparation for the start of our GOTV weekend, we asked our grassroots phonebankers to sound off and let us know who was committed to making calls to voters over the next two days.

Here are just a few of the people who have pledged to make calls this weekend to help Get Out The Vote in Indiana and North Carolina:

Teresa: I plan to call 1000 people this weekend. I am also canvassing from 1-7 Saturday! I have called about 50 so far, but I am not stopping until 1000!

Makeda: I will commit to make 100 calls to Indiana tomorrow….

Doris: I will promise to make at least 10 calls to Indiana Saturday. I will be calling from Florida. We must be a part of this change.

Sarah: I will make 100 calls this weekend … At least!

Chris: You can count on me to make at least one hundred calls this weekend.

Tracey: I can commit to 25 calls tomorrow, maybe more! It’s our 7 year olds’ birthday party but I’ll do some in the morning.

Max: I’ll be calling all Saturday and Sunday too! Going for at least 250 calls!

Barbara: I plan to make at least 150 calls this weekend. The people I’ve called in Indiana seem to be interested in discussing the issues — some of the longest calls yet. Talking about everything from jobs to unions right to organize to taxes to gay rights. It’s fun and interesting and feels like it’s making a difference. I like seeing the counter click over, knowing that so many others are doing the same thing.

Donna: I’ll be making 25 calls to IN and 25 calls to NC this weekend.

Daniel: At least 10 calls for me

Really Hopeful: I am devoting Saturday and Sunday to calling. I am pledging now to call at least 50 numbers each day.

Jen: I commit to doing 50 calls this weekend. It is easy. Heck getting into the flow of things I might makes 100 before I even know it. How about you?

Cathy: I’ll match 100…who else?

Eric: I’m good for at least 25 calls on Sunday. I’m hoping we’ll be well over 750,000 calls by then. We want change.

And we should also make a special mention for Christine, one of our grassroots supporters who has been an inspiration and a help to countless supporters here on the blog (and all of us at HQ). Yesterday, Christine reached her own personal goal:

I just finished my 1001st call to Indiana . . . But 14 other people have committed to make 500 calls each as part of the Christine O’Bama Indiana Call Challenge. That’s 7,000 calls pledged!

To join the Challenge, click here.

It only takes a minute to get started. The Indiana and North Carolina calling campaigns run from 9:00 AM to  9:00 PM Eastern time every day. If you’re willing to commit to making calls this weekend, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add you to the Roll Call.

Tuesday truly is one of the last big milestones of this primary season, and these next two days are our chance to move the polls and make a difference.


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